Private Camp Offerings

What do I get with a private camp booking:

  • Choice of camps or customized curriculum.
  • Snacks, water bottle, science notebook included for each student.  
  • 5 days of instruction from 9am-3pm

Eco Friendly Explorers: (ages 4-9 yrs.) Here we explore how organisms interact with living and non-living things around them. We cover topics such as different soil types, water and nutrient cycles, food chains and pollination biology. We introduce kids to basic scientific techniques such as making observations, asking questions, collecting samples, and introductory microscopy skills. 

Scientists Uncovering Nature: (ages 10+) Students will make observations and conduct their own study. We will guide students to ask questions, make hypotheses and design an experiment or study. Students will collect data and interpret their results.

Custom camp or program: (any ages) Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have designed and executed a lot of different environmental, nature-based, science programs for kids, teens AND adults! Let us know you’re interested in talking more on our contact page or here: